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ELEvators ONline

We combine our sophisticated IoT - technology and robust hardware to a connectivity as a service (caas) - solution. We create essential value for our partners in the elevator industry:

  • Owners and Operators
  • Service providers
  • Data platforms
  • Maintenance companies
  • Component manufacturers

How it works

We developed a universal elevator gateway - the eleon S1 - and is connected to the elevator controller. The installation and on site configuration works plug and play and consumes less than 15 minutes. With a lean installation process, it only takes one visit and can easily be integrated into the standard rhythm of on site visits. We avoid time consuming planning and pre-analytics of the portfolio as on site a technician can choose parts appropriate for the controller. Once installed the eleon S1 connects to the internet and provide data or KPIs via an interface aligned as per your requirements. 


Compatible with various controllers:

  • Schindler bionic, miconic, smart
  • KONE Monospace LCE CPU, CPU40, CPU_Nc
  • TKE TCM MC1, MC2, MC3

We continuously improve our stack of supported elevator controllers. For the big brands as well as for the mid cap manufacturers. Just ask for our roadmap.

One gateway - a lot of data

Once connected to the controller the eleon S1 will provide elevator controller data and KPIs that enable you to improve your product and services, as well as increase efficiency or to make better decisions.

No additional constraints on data integration - we are flexible in terms of interface, data maturity and format and we can align as per your definition of requirements.

We provide the following data / signals:

  • Controller status (normal mode, breakdown, maintenance, ...)
  • Error code and Error description
  • Safety chain
  • Door status
  • Floor position
  • Moving 

For the signals mentioned above we provide you with raw data combined with a time stamp or else we define KPI's that can be derived from the signals above and calculate the required business logic for you. E.g. number of rides in a given time or the floor stop statistics. We are open to calculate wide range of KPI's that brings value to the elevator maintenance. KPI calculations are developed according to your insights on how to interpret the data. In addition, data integration in to your architecture is made easy with out interface constraints and ensure the data security.

How do we connect the systems? 

We are flexible!

For maintenance companies:

As maintenance provider you certainly make specific demands on elevator data and the way we provide them to you and your employees in the field. With the eleon S1 we can either setup a direct connection to your backend (see below) or you can use an established data or software service for maintenance companies. We usually are compatible and easily able to connect to those service platforms. In both cases you can keep on using the system in charge. Together we increase its value due to better coverage of controllers or deeper understanding of the elevators' behavior. We are happy to provide you with elevator data exactly the way you desire.

For owners, operators and managers:

In case you are currently using a system for asset management or monitoring, we can set up a direct connection to the backend of existing system. This way we enrich your internal system and you can keep on using the same frontend. As an alternative you can use one of several established platforms and providers for lift management or monitoring, we connect the backends and together with the partner platform we provide you with an integrated end to end product. 

For data platforms and service providers:

As a data platform and (digital) service provider you create tailor-made products for your customers. We provide you with data from eleon S1 in a way that perfectly matches the requirements of your backend. You can either have raw data, calculated KPI or anything in between. We are happy to serve your established endpoints and you are fully flexible to integrate the eleon S1 into the given IT architecture. This way you will certainly improve your service and increase the overlap with your cutomer's elevator portfolios. 

Database integration

API integration

Message Broker integration

On top of the interfaces mentioned above, together with various partners we work on a standard protocol for transmitting elevator monitoring data. This way would like to include more partners into the world of connected elevators and create the best products for various customer groups.

Highly scalable! 

Everything we develop is designed for high scale. 

We believe: customers require one integrated solution to power up various established businesses. The more elevator controllers are integrated, the more value we can create with data solutions.

With the eleon S1 we provide:

  • Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) without any hardware investment. As our partner, you will receive the eleon S1 gateway for free. For the time of our partnership we will provide you with the required data using the aligned interface. As a CaaS-provider we will charge you a highly attractive yearly fee that includes full service.

  • Easy and Efficient installation, that is perfectly compatible with your daily business routine. Thanks to the detailed manual, the plug and play installation only takes 15 minutes. On site the technician can choose the correct components. You do not need to pre analyse your portfolio.

  • Compatibility with established elevator data platforms, this way the eleon S1 is open to be integrated in established systems and can work parallel to other monitoring hardware in the same software. The user interface can remain the same, as we avoid to have two solutions for one elevator portfolio.

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